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Professional and Experienced Psychotherapeutic Counselling


I offer therapy from my clinic located in Stockton Town Centre, and also via online video platform.

Finding the way forward when life becomes difficult can be a challenging prospect and choosing a therapist can be daunting. As your counsellor, I will offer you a confidential, non-judgemental and private space where you can learn to understand your thoughts, express your feelings and begin to make sense of your situation.

I am approachable and accepting to all. I will support you to explore your situation at your own pace and in safety. I am committed to helping you find a way forward that is right for you. My belief is that you are the only true expert on your life, and therapy can help you discover, and listen to, your own inner wisdom.

Counselling offers time-out from your often busy and stressful reality, providing a safe haven where you can hear and be heard; where you will be able to embark on a journey of self-discovery, which will allow you to understand yourself better, explore destructive patterns of behaviour, help you look at alternative options and provide you with some awareness.

In this way, through personal expression of difficult thoughts and feelings, I will support you in finding clarity and control over your situation, offering a valuable platform for viewing and finding the way ahead.

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