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Child Therapy
Child Therapy: Image

Talking Therapy is often difficult when working with children due to the questioning, exploring and considering involved as they often don’t know how they feel or haven’t learned how to express their thoughts and feelings.  This can be especially true if a child has adverse childhood experiences, including trauma. 

At FSK Minds Matter we use more creative and artistic methods to provide the child with a way to express their feelings and emotions, including games, sand tray, drawing and many other toys and child friendly tools are used. This supports alternative communication and interpretation.  We utilise a whole host of ways to engage a child or young person in a truly meaningful dialogue for profound personal change.  Over time the therapist/child relationship will enable the child to widen the relational options with self and/or others.


This type of therapy is combined with other integrative approaches to provide a holistic approach for children so the focus can be on healing.  We often work with the parent(s) or attachment figure in the room to support them therapeutically during their child’s process. 

Child Therapy: Projects
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